Schlieren ZH – The laparoscopy simulator LaparoS created by the medtech company VirtaMed is being used for the first time in a hospital in the USA. The Broward Health Medical Center in Florida is using the device to train future surgeons.

VirtaMed simulator being used in Florida

The Broward Health Medical Center in Florida is now using the innovative simulator VirtaMed LaparoS created by VirtaMed. Physicians in training or those undertaking further training can use it to practice abdominal laparoscopic surgery. The Broward Health Graduate Medical Education simulation lab in Fort Lauderdale that forms part of the center is the first medical institute in the USA to receive the VirtaMed LaparoS simulator for surgical training according to a press release.

Broward Health, one of the largest public health systems in the USA, has been using simulations to train the next generation of surgeons for a long time according to the press release by VirtaMed. This also includes the VirtaMed ArthroS simulator to train arthroscopic skills. The LaparoS is to be used to develop abdominal surgery skills. The LaparoS was installed for the first time in June.

According to the press release, Ivan Puente, Director of the General Surgery Program at Broward Health Medical Center, is convinced that for physicians, the VirtaMed simulator “will not only enhance their skill development but also contribute to patient safety”. Puente adds: “We chose the LaparoS because if offers our residents a more realistic simulation of what they will encounter in the operating room.”

The Broward Health Medical Center has already carried out a VirtaMedEd training day for general surgery, orthopedics and gynecology residents.

VirtaMed is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Technical Institute Zurich (ETH) and is headquartered in Schlieren in the Greater Zurich Area of Switzerland. The medtech company develops simulators that can be used as training and teaching material in various medical disciplines.

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