Zurich - Vivior is now launching its Visual Behavior Monitor product on the North American market too. This wearable device measures individual vision performance, which in turn allows customized vision correction solutions to be developed.

Vivior Visual Behavior Monitor from Greater Zurich


Vivior is taking a further important step in the direction of achieving a global presence. The Zurich-based start-up’s Visual Behavior Monitor, a device used to measure individual vision performance, was awarded the CE label as a Class I medical product by the EU in March 2019. Following this, the company started preparations for market launch in Switzerland and the EU. Now, however, Vivior also has its sights set firmly on conquering the US market.

“We are excited to launch our product in the United States and can offer our service to eye care professionals who want to get the best possible vision performance for their patients”, comments Vivior board member Paul Soye in a press release. He adds: Vivior will be available soon for all optometrists and ophthalmologists”.

Founded back in 2017 by experienced ophthalmologists, Vivior is offering an innovative wearable device with the aim of delivering objective data on the lifestyle and vision performance of patients. The system collects daily activity data from the wearer. It takes into account whether someone is the smartphone kind of person, or someone who sits slightly further away from their PC, or perhaps even someone who prefers to cycle rather than drive. With the help of machine learning algorithms, the system is able to analyze specific lifestyle patterns of users and process this data in the cloud.

This combination facilitates an improved understanding of the needs of customers and patients. In this way, ophthalmologists and other experts are in a position to offer customized solutions adapted to the specific eyesight requirements of the individual. Data from the Visual Behavior Monitor can, for example, be used in refractive surgery or cataract operations. Moreover, Vivior is developing personalized spectacles, contact and intraocular lenses in conjunction with various partners.

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