Kloten/Zurich - Wetrok is launching a hybrid robot for professional floor cleaning on the market. Robomatic Marvin can be used as an autonomous robot as well as manually in the form of a conventional cleaning machine.

This May, Wetrok AG is launching a hybrid floor cleaning machine on the market. Robomatic Marvin can be used both manually and autonomously. According to a press release, the robot is a world first and operates on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was developed in cooperation with Sevensense Robotics AG from Zurich. As is the case for all Wetrok products and cleaning systems, the cleaning robot was developed in the research department at the Swiss headquarters in Kloten in the canton of Zurich.

Visually, the robot has the look of a conventional scrubbing machine to “prevent fear of contact”. As such, it can be used 100 percent manually, although if required the Robomatic Marvin can also clean medium-sized areas in gyms, museums, shopping malls and hospitals in fully automated fashion. The machine can cover up to 1,400 square meters per hour.

For this, cleaners must first train the robot by driving it across a floor area. The machine saves this route and can then carry out this cleaning process independently. “This process can be used for numerous floor areas throughout the building – with the robot only having to be trained once for each area”, the press release states. For maximum safety, the robot is able to navigate around both static and moving obstacles.

While the robot is wiping surfaces, the cleaning staff can concentrate on more demanding tasks such as window cleaning or special cleaning activities. This spares cleaning staff from the monotonous work of cleaning large floor areas, while also generating efficiency gains when it comes to cleaning buildings and counteracting staff shortages. ce/ko

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