Winterthur – Economic players in Winterthur are joining together within a new cluster initiative for the region. This aims to explicitly strengthen the areas of energy, health, and mechanical engineering. The focus is on digitization.

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The Chamber of Commerce and Employer Organization of Winterthur (HAW), Technopark Winterthur (TPW), and House of Winterthur (HoW) are joining forces. Together they hope to further strengthen the regional environment for companies and start-ups. According to a press release, this is to be done with a new cluster initiative. The partners consider clusters to be “networks of economic partners that benefit from joint links along the same value chains.”

The clusters of energy, health, and mechanical engineering are now to be explicitly strengthened in Winterthur. Winterthur-based companies have particular expertise in these areas. The aim is to further strengthen competences through mutual exchange, transfer of knowledge with universities as well as brand development at talents and investors. The focus for this is on digitization and new business models.

According to the information, all three clusters have their own cluster manager. The responsibility for the area of Smart Energy lies with TPW, for Smart Health with HoW, and for Smart Machines with HAW. The clusters themselves organize and follow an individual timescale. The aim is to pursue close collaboration with existing companies and organizations. 

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