Winterthur – The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is establishing a Centre for Artificial Intelligence. This will focus on research and also support teaching.

New AI center ZHAW
Prof. Dr. Thilo Stadelmann (left) and Prof. Dr. Mark Cieliebak are the initiators of the newly founded Center for Artificial Intelligence at ZHAW.

The ZHAW is establishing a Centre for Artificial Intelligence, as was reported in a press release. This will be focusing on research, such as the advancement of the latest algorithms. The strategic key areas of the Centre will be Autonomous Learning Systems, Explainable AI, Natural Language Processing as well as Computer Vision, Perception and Cognition.

The Centre will also support teaching. At Bachelor’s and Master’s level, it will chiefly contribute to the Information Technology and the new Data Science programs. Its involvement in teaching also extends to continuing education programs.

“We built the Centre on a solid foundation: thanks to many years of experience in the field of machine learning, we already have a substantial body of knowledge to draw from,” says Dirk Wilhelm, Dean and Managing Director of the ZHAW School of Engineering. Various applications have so far been developed on the basis of artificial intelligence at ZHAW. These include the visual quality control of medical implants and the automated legal analysis of contracts, for example.

The Centre will address complex application problems in various industries and domains. According to Thilo Stadelmann, ad interim Head of the Centre, the holistic approach to issues around AI ensures broad and long-term applicability for the solutions.

With the newly launched Centre, “we are not only well-positioned within the ZHAW, but also in the research landscape overall”, Stadelmann adds. “This makes it easy for potential project partners to connect with us.”

The Centre is spin-off of the Institute of Applied Information Technology. It will commence operations on 1 April 2021, with a staff of 20.

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