Zug - Zuger Kantonalbank is getting involved in the development of buildify.earth. The stock company will invest in innovative startups at Switzerland Innovation Park Central. In particular, early-stage startups are to be attracted to and kept in the region.

Zuger Kantonalbank plans to promote startups in central Switzerland with sustainable product innovation. According to a press release from the cantonal bank of Zug, it is involved in the development of buildify.earth to do so. The newly founded stock company plans to invest in startups at the Switzerland Innovation Park Central

The innovation park located in Suurstoffi, an industrial area in Rotkreuz, focuses on sustainable product innovations in the building and energy sectors as well as mobility. The investments from buildify.earth aim to draw early-stage startups in particular to the innovation park and keep them in the region. Zuger Kantonalbank will initially raise a third of the equity of buildify.earth. It will be represented by Head of Corporate Client Advice Martin Neuhaus in the board of directors. 

Hanspeter Rhyner, CEO of Zuger Kantonalbank, commented in the press release: “Zuger Kantonalbank is the bank for entrepreneurs in the area. With our commitment to buildify.earth AG we are supporting the best possible conditions for startups to successfully develop in the region and spread sustainable product innovations throughout the world from Zug.” ce/hs

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