Zurich - The Global Liveability Index 2024 puts Zurich in third place, behind Vienna and Copenhagen. The city scored well in the areas of health and education in particular. Geneva displays the same strengths and shares fifth place among the world’s most liveable cities with the Canadian city of Calgary.
Zurich ranks third among the world’s most liveable cities
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Zurich is ranked among the world’s most liveable cities in the Global Liveability Index 2024 with a third place finish. The index is produced on an annual basis by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which is closely linked to the London-based weekly magazine “The Economist”.

This year, a total of 173 cities were assessed on the basis of five main criteria. In this context, culture and environment are weighted at 25 percent each, the healthcare system and infrastructure at 20 percent each, and education at 10 percent.

With a score of 97.1 points, Zurich is ranked behind Vienna (98.4 points) and Copenhagen (98.0 points). The largest city in Switzerland was awarded the highest score for the criteria health and education. In terms of the five main criteria, the EIU gave the lowest score in relative terms to stability.


Zurich ranks third among the world’s most liveable cities
The top ten cities to live in according to the Global Liveability Index 2024.


Melbourne follows in fourth place, with Calgary and Geneva sharing fifth place with an index score of 96.8 points. Also Switzerland’s second largest city scored full marks for health and education in this year’s assessment. However, the EIU sees the greatest room for improvement in relation to culture and environment. The top ten is rounded off by Sydney and Vancouver in joint seventh place, followed by Osaka and Auckland in a share of ninth place.

The most liveable region of the world remains Western Europe, although it has lost 0.3 points in the index. The sharpest growth of 0.4 points was recorded by Eastern Europe, ahead of the Middle East and North Africa at 0.3 points. ce/mm


Global Liveability Index 2024

Quality of life in the Greater Zurich Area

Quality of life in the Greater Zurich Area

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