Winterthur - The automotive parts supplier Autoneum has developed a textile-based wheel arch cladding to absorb tire noise and also make vehicles more lightweight. The new product will now be showcased at the Automotive Acoustics Conference in Zurich.

Alpha-Liner is a multifunctional wheel arch cladding which absorbs noise, thereby making vehicles quieter, Autoneum explains in a press release. The product is based on technology developed by Autoneum itself. According the information available, this allows noise absorption to be adapted to the specific requirements of the vehicle model for the first time. The new wheel arch cladding is also lighter than other, similar products, which increases the journey range for electric cars.

The most recent innovation from Autoneum also offers ecological advantages: production waste from manufacturing wheel arch cladding, largely made from recycled PET fibers, can be completely recycled for future re-use.

Autoneum is presenting Alpha-Liner to industry experts for the first time at the Automotive Acoustics Conference in Zurich, held on July 09-10. According to the companies present, this is the “leading international trade fair for automotive acoustics”. This year, more than 20 experts in acoustics from the automotive and scientific sectors will be presenting the most recent and relevant study findings.

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