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Schwyzer Kantonalbank (SZKB) is an independent public institution based in Schwyz. SZKB offers all the services of a universal bank.

SZKB's clients include private individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and public institutions. Its core business includes managing current and savings accounts, providing real estate and corporate finance, managing share portfolios, defining investment strategies and carrying out asset management mandates. SZKB also serves and advises clients on issues relating to succession planning and pensions.

DSZKB is the leading bank in the canton of Schwyz and has an extensive distribution network that includes 23 branches, two private banking offices, a center of excellence for institutional clients and another for corporate clients, five corporate client centers and one private client center. Its core market is the canton of Schwyz. SZKB is also active throughout Switzerland in selected areas of business.

Facts and figures 2017

Operating profit CHF 121.6 Mio.

Shwyzer Kantonalbank

Total assets CHF 20.1 Mrd.
Equity before distribution of profits CHF 1.9 Mrd.
Number of full-time employees (annual average) 483
Standard & Poor's rating AA+
SZKB is one of the best capitalized banks in the world.
Dr. Peter Hilfiker
Dr. Peter Hilfiker - CEO

Mission Statement

Clients are the focus of all of SZKB's activities. The bank is the first port of call in the canton of Schwyz for all financial matters. This is because it works in partnership with its clients to come up with the best solutions for them throughout life. Its brand values are typical of Schwyz: client-oriented, reliable, competent and flexible, i.e. innovative.

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