Business development

The Greater Zurich Area economic region will ensure that you have access to Swiss and European markets with the best qualified employees. We will provide you with specific market information and relevant experience to ensure optimum business development.

Whether you are entering the market or expanding into Switzerland to bundle your international business activities, we will put together relevant information for your business development in the Greater Zurich Area. With our assistance, you will receive an up-to-date overview about founding a company – thanks in great part to industry-specific information from the Greater Zurich Area.

We will organize an individually tailored program of visits for you and put you in touch with relevant contact people and potential business partners in the area.

Together with our business promotion regional partners and numerous providers from industry, science and education, we can answer your questions regarding your business development in the Greater Zurich Area. This may include such topics as

  • founding a company
  • market environments
  • taxes
  • real estate
  • work permits
  • HR recruiting
  • financing costs
  • research institutions
  • technology transfer

We are also happy to help you find business premises. Our partners are pleased to put together a selection of suitable premises for you at no charge. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

We help you setting up your company in the Greater Zurich Area
Our services
  • Sharing explicit knowledge through our professional experts

  • Support for business development in the Greater Zurich Area
  • Information and recommendations related on how to start a business
  • Access to a network of companies, educational institutions and local authorities

About Greater Zurich Area AG

Greater Zurich Area AG is the official investment support and promotion agency of Switzerland's economic and innovation center since 1999. We are a public private partnership and our services come at no charge. About Greater Zurich Area AG

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