Explicit Knowledge

The Greater Zurich Area offers a wide variety of industry clusters within a compact area. Over 200,000 companies and 3.8 million inhabitants reside in Zurich’s economic region. Our team of experienced experts is familiar with the explicit characteristics of Zurich’s business environment and will identify the best location possible for you.

Our experts possess current industry knowledge and the relevant contacts to ensure that you find the maximum growth opportunities in your industry in the Greater Zurich Area. Our explicit knowledge lies in the following areas

You can see an overview of the clusters in the Greater Zurich Area with our interactive Industry Map and contact us at any time with your industry-specific requests.

Did you know, for instance:

that the canton of Zug is a magnet for what are known as “crypto companies”?

that the Health Tech Cluster Switzerland in Schwyz brings together manufacturers, suppliers, research and educational institutions, as well as service providers and investors in the area of medical technology?

that innumerable special effects in animated films and video games have been developed in Zurich?

or that over 40 organizations, including Life Sciences startups and the University of Zurich, have set up a location in the Biotechnopark in Schlieren/Zurich?

We help you setting up your company in the Greater Zurich Area
Our services
  • Sharing explicit knowledge through our professional experts

  • Support for business development in the Greater Zurich Area
  • Information and recommendations related on how to start a business
  • Access to a network of companies, educational institutions and local authorities

About Greater Zurich Area AG

Greater Zurich Area AG is the official investment support and promotion agency of Switzerland's economic and innovation center since 1999. We are a public private partnership and our services come at no charge. About Greater Zurich Area AG

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