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It quickly became clear to Ascent Health that Greater Zurich was the right location for the establishment of the European headquarters. For Ed Adamcik's team, the Greater Zurich Area not only offers an attractive working environment but also an exceptional quality of life. 

Ascent Health moved to Schaffhausen in the Greater Zurich Area in June 2019. The US provider of healthcare services wanted to establish a new location in Europe, closer to the large, international pharmaceutical companies it serves. Several countries were considered, including Switzerland. «We then decided Switzerland was where we wanted to be. The overall environment and quality of life were exactly what we were looking for as they are hugely important for our staff and their families.»

During the next phase, Ed Adamcik and a small group from the company’s leadership team visited Switzerland. Schaffhausen offered the right package: Proximity to Zurich International Airport combined with excellent road links and frequent and rapid rail services to the airport were one key element, for example, and high up the agenda for international clients. Zurich International Airport offers direct flights to the USA, a further advantage. Greater Zurich provides a supply of highly qualified staff, which addressed another concern for the company. In addition, the location boasts great schools, including the International School - ISSH – for English-speaking children, as well as the exceptional quality of life. Another positive for Schaffhausen was the support provided by the local Economic Promotion Team. «They made us feel very welcome here and even today, if questions arise, we know we can count on the support of the Economic Promotion. That relationship and reassurance made the process of moving here so much easier.» Commenting on the business environment which the company now finds itself in, Ed mentions the business-friendly attitude in Greater Zurich and the supportive stance of other companies in the region as well as of the local administration – all of which had appealed to Ascent Health.

City-centre premises

Ascent Health Offices in the Greater Zurich Area

After initially operating from a Regus Co-Working Space, Ascent Health moved its 26 staff to offices in Schaffhausen's city-centre. The premises offer enough workstations plus meeting rooms but the decisive factor was being within easy walking distance of the railway station. Ascent Health is part of Express Scripts-Cigna Group, a global service provider in the healthcare sector. The operation in Greater Zurich specialises in the negotiation for pharmaceuticals. The new team comprises specialists in project management, finance, legal, HR, accountancy, procurement and account management. 15 of the current headcount relocated from the USA to Schaffhausen, the other 10 being recruited from the Greater Zurich Area. Further recruitment is in the pipeline over the next few months, as the president explains. That will ensure all key functions are covered and the company can focus fully on the growth of our business.

The quality of life on offer here is exceptional.
Ed Adamcik - President Ascent Health

Quality of life wows families

In parallel to the company’s operations moving from the USA to Greater Zurich, a number of families completed the same move. Most of our team live in the city of Schaffhausen and the Greater Zurich Area, Ed explains. «We are very happy here.», he says and is enjoying living with his family right on the banks of the River Rhine. «The quality of life on offer here is exceptional. We love shopping at the weekly market, walking along the banks of the River Rhine or in the forests nearby, or simply spending some time in one of the many great restaurants.» Schaffhausen offers everything you’d find in a major city, combined with the charm of living in a small town – everyone agrees on that. And if colleagues yearn for a big city vibe, you can get into Zurich very quickly – and several other European cities are also a stone’s throw away. «We all feel really comfortable here, we enjoy doing things together as a team outside office hours and we’re all excited that spring is bringing warmer weather which means we can get out and spend even more time in the unspoiled nature hereabouts.», says Ed Adamcik in summary, as he looks across towards the old town quarter and takes in the new, green growth sprouting in the tree-tops.

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