Auticon is a successful and rapidly growing IT service provider in the areas of IT quality management, software development, databases, analytics and security/compliance. The unique characteristic of the company, that besides its headquarters in Munich is present in London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Bremen and Hamburg: Auticon is the first company in Switzerland to exclusively employ people in the autism spectrum as IT consultants. The company leverages the logical and analytical strengths of people in the autism spectrum to offer its clients exceptional quality, amazing work results and professional and social added value. Auticon's entrepreneurial and social aspirations make it a unique consulting firm. We spoke to Markus Weber, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ‎Auticon Swiss Ltd.

The aim of your company is to provide autistic people with jobs and careers in the free economy. Why did you choose the Greater Zurich Area as your location? How do you plan to achieve your goals?

Greater Zurich is a leading center for digitization and innovation - especially in the FinTech area. The big Zurich banks and insurance companies are potential customers for us and at the same time we have the opportunity to share office space, network and grow with small start-ups.

How important is research and development for Auticon Swiss AG?

Very important. We are growing with our customers. In the insurance industry, for example, there are attempts to use bots and blockchain technologies in day-to-day business. Our autistic employees burn for such technologies and are very happy to be part of such innovative projects.

Our autistic employees burn for blockchain technologies and are very happy to be part of innovative projects.
Markus Weber
Markus Weber - Chairman of the Board of Directors, ‎Auticon Swiss Ltd

Are there already R&D cooperations in Switzerland?

No. The focus is currently still on building up our local team.

In an interview with the NZZ on 30 April 2018, you said that the diversity of talents with different skills represents a competitive advantage - have you found such talents here in the Greater Zurich Area? Do you have such diversity in your company?

We're still in the middle of it. We are specifically looking for very talented people in the autism spectrum for a career at Auticon. The formal qualification is of secondary importance, we employ both people with a doctorate and people without any training. Above-average cognitive abilities, such as pattern recognition, attention to detail or a high level of concentration are important. Through this approach, we have already helped many people back into a permanent job after a long period of unemployment. We have further locations in Germany, France and England. Of our 150 employees, over 100 are in the autism spectrum.

What three positive aspects make Zurich score for you as a person and as CEO?

Innovation, professionalism and chocolate.

Which suppliers or customers in Switzerland are already of great importance to Auticon Swiss AG?

Banks and insurance companies. The more data and technology, the more exciting for our employees.

Do you have a current example of a demanding request?

We have a client who operates a very complex financial system. The heart of this application calculates mathematical formulas and statistical simulations - absolute accuracy is a must. Now the company is looking for someone who has the mathematical ability to understand and test the logic and program to optimize the application. The task is perfect for our autistic colleagues.



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