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The cantons of Zug and Solothurn in the Greater Zurich Area are ideal locations for Biogen’s international headquarters due to the favorable environment it provides for businesses and employees.

Biogen is where science meets humanity.  As pioneers in neuroscience, the company has developed the world’s leading portfolio of treatments for Multiple Sclerosis and developed the world’s first approved treatment for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Today, Biogen is developing innovative treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS and many other conditions. Biogen established its international headquarters in the Greater Zurich Area in 2004. Since then the company has grown to more than 450 permanent employees based in Baar, Zug. It is currently investing around 1.5 billion CHF in a next-generation manufacturing facility in Solothurn, adding approximately 400 permanent new jobs by the time it will be fully operational.

The perfect match

Switzerland was an obvious choice for Biogen due to its political stability, predictability and business-friendly environment. The country also has a long tradition in pharmaceuticals development and strong track record on fostering innovation. Greater Zurich Area's central location in Europe and the excellent connectivity by train and air to the most important European markets have helped Biogen develop its business across the region. Biogen has also valued Switzerland as a home to experienced, well-educated and highly diverse talent.

Commitment to science

In keeping with Biogen’s commitment to inspiring young people to consider innovative careers in science, the international headquarters has developed and cultivated long-standing relationships with some of the premier STEM (science, technology, education and math) programs in Switzerland including Swiss Science Center Technorama.



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Switzerland is politically stable, business friendly and offers a truly international culture alongside a physically beautiful setting.
Neil Sisak, Head of Finance and CE&O, International
Neil Sisak - Head of Finance and CE&O, International