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Carbonx, a leading carbon removal procurement, finance and portfolio management expert services provider, has built a presence in the Greater Zurich Area to join one of the largest centers of CDR expertise in Europe and enable the scale up of an industry essential to meeting global climate commitments and helping humanity stay within planetary boundaries. Carbonx is tapping into the region’s strengths in financial services and risk management, to build a business that will allow public and private organizations to achieve net zero. Discover how Carbonx is leveraging one of Europe’s leading centers for climate innovation to build the CDR market faster.

Founded by Paolo Pifferetti and Sebastien Dewarrat in 2022 to catalyze demand for carbon removal (CDR), following Paolo’s experience of the challenges faced by pioneer buyers, as the accountability holder for a net zero commitment within a climate leader. Carbonx provides the expertise that early buyers lack, access to the widest range of trusted supply, effective best price discovery and a procurement process that protects buyers against delivery and regulatory risks. By addressing these challenges, Paolo believes that Carbonx has made it easier for organizations to engage now and secure the supply they will need to meet their climate commitments, and, in so doing, enable the market to drive the scale-up of this existential industry. As an independent provider of CDR procurement, finance, and portfolio management services, Carbonx is establishing itself as a leading expert partner for private and public organizations in their journey to net zero.

Within less than two years, Carbonx has established itself as an industry leader in permanent carbon removal procurement, facilitating over CHF 10 million in purchases from leading CDR suppliers, covering the full range of scalable, scientifically proven carbon removal methods.

The combination of the Greater Zurich area’s climate and financial services leadership makes the region a logical place to create a center of CDR procurement and finance expertise to support demand for our proposition to those committed to net zero or net negative carbon future.
Paolo Piffaretti
Paolo Piffaretti - Co-Founder & CEO, Carbonx

The Greater Zurich Area has emerged as a climate leader, with the city of Zurich committing to net zero by 2040 and a series of world-leading initiatives. The region is home to an academic powerhouse that has become a frontrunner in CDR and related climate fields, attracting some of the best talent and providing a platform for innovation. Greater Zurich has also become home to many of the leaders in the CDR industry, home to the pioneering Climeworks, and now an ecosystem of companies supporting what is estimated to become a USD 1 Trillion industry within the next couple of decades. This environment draws climate entrepreneurs and capital, positioning the Greater Zurich Area as a prime sustainable business region.

In Zurich, Carbonx will build out its CDR method and supplier intelligence, risk, finance, and portfolio management capabilities, leveraging the region's talent pool and partners ecosystem. Greater Zurich's world-leading quality of life, financial strength, and innovative spirit provide the ideal platform for Carbonx to achieve its mission of a gigaton-level market for carbon removal.

Sustainable business region

Sustainable business region

The Greater Zurich Area is at the forefront of Switzerland's journey towards a sustainable future. With a deep-rooted commitment to the environment, this region is a hub for businesses fostering innovation and environmental responsibility. Discover how the Greater Zurich Area navigates the evolving landscape of sustainable business and innovation.

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