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The internet giant Google capitalizes on the internationality and wealth of innovative ideas offered by Zurich as a business location.

Google is the world's best-known firm for internet services, advertising and software development. The US company Google Inc. earned a net profit of 34.34 billion dollars in 2019. Its Zurich location is Google's largest technological corporate headquarters in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and is mainly involved with its Maps, Search, Gmail, Calendar and YouTube divisions.

Google sets great store by the creative development of its employees (Google Zurich employees are called Zooglers - Google + Zurich). The American company operates according to the premise that great ideas are born only when a creative working atmosphere is provided. The Google Switzerland office in Zurich specifically encourages this type of open corporate culture to ensure that there are no obstacles to innovation. Google develops and improves diverse tools at its Swiss location which are then used around the world.

With its central location in Europe, Switzerland offers a setting in which Google employees can feel at ease and develop themselves creatively. Furthermore, the ideal conditions for local research and development work can be found in the Greater Zurich Area. The central location, excellent infrastructure and high quality of living make Zurich extremely attractive for Google employees. The close proximity to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and the EPFL in Lausanne is also decisive for Google.



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Investing in Zurich was the best decision we've ever made.
Erich Schmidt
Eric Schmidt - former CEO of Alphabet (Google) in a newspaper interview ("Schweiz am Wochenende", Jan 23, 2016)

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