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Hire a Doctor Schweiz specializes in matching doctors and healthcare workers with both temporary and permanent job vacancies. During the company’s expansion from Germany into the rest of the German-speaking world, Zurich stood out as the ideal location for cultivating the Swiss market. In addition to the extensive healthcare infrastructure already available, the decisive factors were its central geographical setting and excellent accessibility.

The Germany-based Hire a Doctor Group draws from its pool of doctors with all types of specializations and technically qualified nursing, therapeutic and medical staff to supply hospitals, rehabilitation and treatment clinics, medical supply centers, doctors’ offices, and care facilities when they have short-term or medium-term staffing shortages. The company provides staff for both temporary and long-term positions, making a valuable contribution to solving acute specialist shortages in the healthcare sector.

The key component of the company’s services is a constantly growing database, which compares the online profiles entered by jobseekers with the requirements of the healthcare facilities looking to fill a vacancy. Professional qualifications are verified based on notarized copies, and the documentation and information about the applicants are passed on only with their permission. In addition to the conventional services of a recruitment agency, Hire a Doctor also offers professional coaching for doctors and specialists who want to reinvent their career.

The business success enjoyed in Germany and the continuing exacerbation of the specialist shortage in the healthcare sector allowed the company – founded in Berlin in 2005 – to expand into the entire German-speaking world. In order to cultivate the German-speaking Swiss market, Hire a Doctor has chosen to base itself in the city of Zurich. “There are numerous healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, home care services (Spitex) and emergency departments in the region of Zurich and throughout German-speaking Switzerland. This means there is a correspondingly high demand for specialist staff,” comments Mariann Schaub, managing director of Hire a Doctor Schweiz AG.

“Furthermore, Zurich’s geographical setting and outstanding transportation connections are ideal.” According to Schaub, any point in German-speaking Switzerland as well as in the German domestic market can be reached easily and quickly.

The Greater Zurich Area AG team is supporting the Hire a Doctor Group with administrative issues during the company settlement process.

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There are numerous healthcare facilities in the region of Zurich and throughout German-speaking Switzerland. This means there is a correspondingly high demand for specialist staff
Mariann Schaub
Mariann Schaub - Managing director of Hire a Doctor Schweiz AG.

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