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«The tax burden in Grisons is very moderate,» says Christoph Hoppe, President of the German home hardware specialist HOPPE AG.

HOPPE develops, manufactures and markets premium hardware systems for doors and windows made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and brass. The company has been considered the European market leader in its segment since the mid-1970s. It views itself as a global competence leader based on its market share, extensive product range, innovation strength, optimum price-performance ratio and technological leadership in the aluminum sector.

Today, HOPPE is an internationally active company group based in Müstair, Grisons. From its base in the Greater Zurich Area, HOPPE manages over 2400 employees in seven factories in Europe and the USA. With its worldwide marketing strategy, the home hardware specialist ensures that the quality of its products can be appreciated in the attention paid to detail.

Company president Christoph Hoppe considers the central location in the heart of Europe to be a significant business location advantage. As well, he highlights the extremely positive cooperation with local and cantonal authorities and the stable political system in Switzerland and the canton of Grisons. «And last but not least, the very moderate tax burden in Grisons is also important for us,» Hoppe says.

The German company HOPPE values the enthusiastic, expert and individualized support provided by the canton of Grisons business location promotion association, which works closely with Greater Zurich Area AG.


The cooperation with local and cantional authorities is extremely positive.
Christoph Hoppe
Christoph Hoppe - President, HOPPE AG

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