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Founded in the year 2011, Livinguard Technologies Ltd. has developed a revolutionary and innovative solution for self-disinfecting and eliminating germs. The company has had its headquarters in the Greater Zurich Area since 2017.

Our world provides fertile ground for the growth of microorganisms. Untreated water, common surfaces, textiles, and almost everything else that we touch are teeming with potential sources of infection. Livinguard offers a groundbreaking technology that provides textiles with unbeatable protection against bacteria, viruses and molds. After being treated with a unique compound of antibacterial agents, the fabric permanently neutralizes microorganisms. This technology can be implemented in the healthcare sector, and for hygienic items, water and air purifiers, functional undergarments, etc., making it ideal for everyday use in many areas.

The technology-driven company Livinguard Technologies develops, markets and licenses innovative solutions for textile treatments. Livinguard works with the world’s leading consumer goods and medical product companies and co-develops revolutionary products with antimicrobial features.

Its headquarters have been located in Zug in the Greater Zurich Area since 2017, with additional laboratories in Gams SG. Markus Spillmann, Global Head Social Impact Business with Livinguard Technologies Ltd, commented on its relocation to the Greater Zurich Area:

Which of your corporate functions are based in the Greater Zurich Area?

The executive management, research & development, legal, marketing, business development and social impact business divisions are based in Switzerland. We currently have 11 employees in Zug.

What advantages does your location in the Greater Zurich Area offer you?

Worldwide leading research institutes such as the ETH, EMPA and Eawag are close by, and the University Hospital Zurich provides is a valuable collaborative partner for us. Thanks to the strong network of medtech, chemical and pharma companies along with specialized textile firms there are numerous other collaborative partners and specialized employees to be found in the areas of microbiology, chemistry and technology. The Greater Zurich Area boasts outstanding conditions for a work-life balance that is clearly above average, making it an attractive location for top-qualified employees. We also appreciate its close proximity to Zurich Airport and attractive taxation policies.

What does the future of Livinguard Technologies Ltd. look like?

We want to grow to around 30 employees in Switzerland by 2020 based on our two divisions Licensing and Social Impact Business. At the moment, our focus is mainly on India and Europe, with new activities in the USA and Africa as well as an increasingly global outlook emerging.

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In the Greater Zurich Area we have access to valuable collaborative partners such as the University Hospital Zurich and Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.
René Blum - former Chief Financial Officer, Livinguard Technologies

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