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This US-based company values the Greater Zurich Area’s central location in the heart of Europe. The region’s customer potential, banking infrastructure and nonstop innovation offer significant location advantages.

Novus is a next-generation, web-based portfolio analytics and intelligence platform for institutional investors. The Novus Platform is used by many of the top hedge funds, funds of funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and endowments to analyze risk, performance and attribution across aggregated and historical data sets.

Portfolio managers, investor relations groups and operations teams employ the Novus Platform in different ways, but its main use is to generate more alpha, analyze and manage risks, report to investors and handle resources more efficiently.

Novus expanded its business and established itself in Europe in order to serve its growing international client base. Novus’s investment in the European market in 2013 revealed how important this market is to the company’s growth strategy and its expanding commitment to clients in this region. Superior customer service and excellent client experience are core principles of the company, so investing in operations in Europe means that Novus can serve its clients even better.

Novus’s expansion to the Greater Zurich Area was strategically important as the company pursued business opportunities in Europe. Greater Zurich is a particularly ideal location thanks to Switzerland’s deeply embedded culture of investing, dating back thousands of years. The country fosters an innovative atmosphere, allowing a next-generation company like Novus to securely establish itself within the existing community of highly skilled professionals. Additionally, Zurich offers a reliable infrastructure and a stable political and business regulatory environment.

Geographically speaking, the Greater Zurich Area provides a central location in Europe, allowing Novus to deliver enhanced localized services to its growing client base across the region. The city’s unique demography enables networking with potential customers, and its sophisticated banking infrastructure and legal and regulatory framework facilitate Novus’s smooth establishment of full-service operations. The economic and business diversity in Greater Zurich is a leading reason why many international businesses across different sectors, from branded consumer and industrial companies to financial service institutions, choose to establish regional headquarters here.

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The Greater Zurich Area is a particularly ideal location thanks to its deeply embedded culture of investing.
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