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Founded with a vision to revolutionize urban mobility, PIX Moving has emerged as a leader in autonomous vehicle technology. Specializing in the design and manufacture of smart vehicles, PIX Moving integrates cutting-edge robotics and digital manufacturing techniques to craft innovative solutions for modern transportation challenges.

PIX Moving has recently established its Swiss entity, PIX Moving GmbH, in Zurich, positioning it to become the company's global headquarters in the near future. This strategic move marks PIX’s entry into the international mobility and advanced manufacturing arena. Next to leveraging existing partnerships in the region, PIX Moving is set to forge new alliances with local companies, universities and R&D institutions. Their goal is to revolutionize urban mobility with smarter, more sustainable technologies for Switzerland and the broader European market.

PIX Moving originated in a region known for its stunning Karst landscapes and mountainous beauty. Similarly, Switzerland, with its majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and exceptional talent pool, is the ideal hub for business growth.
Sijia (Scarlett) Liu
Sijia (Scarlett) Liu - Director of Operations (Europe), PIX Moving

The decision to establish Pix Moving GmbH in the Greater Zurich Area was influenced by the region's outstanding reputation as a hub for innovation, particularly in the fields of mobility and intelligent systems. The proximity to top-tier research institutions and a thriving network of tech companies offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and technological advancement. Additionally, the area is renowned for its advanced infrastructure and a highly supportive business environment, making it an ideal hub for growth and expansion. 


The Greater Zurich stands out not only for its robust tech ecosystem but also for its strategic location in the heart of Europe, providing easy access to major markets and a multilingual talent pool. This rich environment allows PIX Moving to further tap into the European market and strengthen its global presence, advancing its mission to redefine urban transportation systems worldwide.


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In the next five years, the robotics industry will see remarkable growth, driven by AI, automation, and sustainable tech. We're eager to introduce our innovative robo-series vehicle and collaborate locally to support this growth in Switzerland.
Chuan Yu
Chuan Yu - Founder & CEO, PIX Moving

The Silicon Valley of Robotics

The Silicon Valley of Robotics

Switzerland is proud to be known as the Silicon Valley of Robotics. Greater Zurich's robotics output is a key factor in this. Its universities and technology companies belong among the world’s leaders in information science, computer vision, sensor technology and artificial intelligence.

The cutting-edge technology of Swiss robotics companies is known worldwide and contributes to the excellent reputation of the location. Leading universities in engineering, pioneering drone regulations as well as an ideal testing ground in Switzerland are bound to lead to rapid progress and growth in robotics technologies in the future.

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