TalkPool AG connects things to the Internet. The global company is present in more than 15 countries. For its international headquarters, TalkPool chose the city of Chur in the Greater Zurich Area. The decisive factors were the business-friendly environment and a high level of innovation.




Founded in 2000 by Magnus Sparrholm, TalkPool focuses on the technology segments Telecom Network Services and Internet of Things. TalkPool designs, implements and maintains mobile and landline telephone networks as well as networks and product solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). For example, the company provides classrooms with sensors that control the indoor climate in order to create an environment that improves students' health and performance.

As a global high-tech company, TalkPool has decided to locate its headquarters in the Greater Zurich Area in particular due to its rich talent pool. The proximity to leading research institutions such as ETH Zurich and the network of prospering technology start-ups in the region were further drivers for the choice of location.

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