For the Würth Group, the main attractions of the canton of Grisons are its internationality and excellent infrastructure. This has resulted in a variety of different subsidiaries relocating there.

One of the core competencies of the German company Würth International AG is trade in fastening and installation materials, from screws, bolt accessories and dowels to tools, chemical-technical products and occupational protective gear.

Over the course of five decades at its Chur location, Würth International AG has transformed itself from a one-man company to a corporation with more than 380 employees. Würth International AG in Chur is the central contact point for sales processing within the Würth Group and is responsible for the smooth running of day-to-day business between suppliers and subsidiaries around the world. The second division is in charge of foundings, acquisitions, takeovers and support for the national and international subsidiaries.

For Würth International AG, quality, reliability and punctuality are key criteria for success. "Internationality and excellent infrastructure are the reason why there are now various Würth subsidiaries located in Grisons," Michel Kern, CEO and Division Manager of the Würth Group, explains.

Würth International AG appreciates the direct access to the public authorities, the resulting rapid responses and the reliability of all the partners involved, as well as the business location promotion offered.




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We benefit from the internationality and excellent infrastructure in Grisons.
Michel Kern - former CEO and Division Manager, Würth International AG

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