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Swiss Re

The Schweizerische Rückversicherungsgesellschaft AG (Swiss Re) is one of the world's leading providers of reinsurance, insurance and risk transfer solutions for insurers, corporate clients, the public sector and pension funds.

Swiss Re was founded in Zurich in 1863. The company has a net premium volume of USD 28.8 billion. It has group companies and agencies at over 60 locations in more than 20 countries, and employs around 11,500 staff in total. In 2011, Swiss Re realigned its legal structure so that it could realize the company's strategic priorities more effectively.

The newly listed holding company comprises a parent company (Swiss Re) with three independent business units: Reinsurance, Corporate Solutions (primary insurance) and Admin Re (acquisition of closed life assurance portfolios). Reinsurance continues to be the core business and accounts for around 80% of total premiums.

Facts and figures

Group Net Profit 28.8 Mrd. USD


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Staff worldwide 11'500
Reinsurers and insurers minimize risks and pursue long-term investment strategies. Swiss Re's capital strength and sound expertise enables us to take great risks. In doing so, we play an important role in helping the country's economy to grow strongly.
Dr. Thomas Wellauer - COO of Swiss Re

Mission Statement

We wish to be a trustworthy partner to society. As a provider of reinsurance services, we not only help to reduce risk but also demonstrate our sense of social responsibility. We play a leading role in building innovative public-private partnerships and thereby help to ensure a better future for those affected by natural disasters.

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