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Moderate tax rates meet smooth cooperation

The Greater Zurich Area provides attractive corporate and individual taxation compared to the rest of Europe. Thanks to the country’s high volume of tax autonomy, the combined effective corporate tax rates (federal, cantonal and municipal) in Switzerland range from 12% to 24%. This wide range is due to the fact that there is a lot of tax autonomy on the regional and local level. Individual taxation in Switzerland is also very moderate. Unlike corporate tax, there is a progression which makes it impossible to indicate a steady rate. However in the Swiss cantons, progression is much flatter than in any other European country, and middle-class incomes are typically taxed at one third or half of the European rates. 

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Rankings, facts and figures

26 sovereign cantons with 2,202 independent municipalities

7.7% value-added tax rate (lowest in Europe)

(Reduced rate of 2.5% on certain everyday consumer goods)

Double taxation agreements with approximately 120 countries

27.8% fiscal quota (lowest in Europe)

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