Cleantech Switzerland: A Market with a Future

The cleantech industry is booming in the Greater Zurich Area – not least thanks to the public sector, which is backing resource efficiency and renewable energy sources. Top-caliber research, the successful transfer of knowledge and technology and favorable political framework conditions are also supporting the boom.

The following specialist sectors form the basis for cleantech development: spatial planning, architecture and building services, water and waste-water management, recycling and waste processing, public mobility and sustainable financial management.

Cleantech is a market with a future since our natural resources are finite. This means that technologies, manufacturing processes and services within the overall value-added chain that contribute to protecting and preserving natural resources and systems are of fundamental importance.

Both Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area support cleantech companies in the areas of renewable energies and materials, sustainable mobility and waste management.

As a result, cleantech companies profit from the following advantages in the GZA::

  • "Swiss-made" – the label with international charisma
  • An attractive location to live and work for specialists from around the world
  • Environmentally-friendly and research-friendly legislation

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