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Top quality thanks to top technology thanks to top research: The Greater Zurich Area offers world-famous research institutions optimal conditions with a successful transfer of technology and a multitude of available specialists. Switzerland now ranks among the leading global suppliers of high-tech products. 

Leading research institutions from cutting-edge technology sectors such as biotechnology, materials science, sensor technology, mechatronics, photonics and optoelectronics are based in the Greater Zurich Area.

The following factors make the Greater Zurich Area extremely attractive for research and innovation:

  • First-class research institutions and a successful transfer of knowledge
  • "Swiss-made" label – synonymous worldwide with the highest quality
  • High level of federal investment in cutting-edge research
  • Outstanding quality of living in the Greater Zurich Area creates ideal climate for researchers and specialists
  • Dual educational system with lots of practical know-how encouraged



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