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Google, IBM and Evernote did not choose Switzerland by chance: The Greater Zurich Area is the center point of the information and communication technology (ICT) hub in Switzerland. Leading institutions such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and the high quality of living attract specialists to the Greater Zurich Area.

The Greater Zurich Area is home to the information technology, media and creative ICT sub-industries. Their prominent representatives include Disney Research Zurich, Evernote, Google, Google Research, Uber, IBM Research Lab and Kayak.

The motives for choosing the Greater Zurich Area as a business location are clear: the central location, leading research institutions such as the ETH and the high quality of living. All of these factors draw industry giants like Google, Evernote, Disney Research Zurich and IBM to the Greater Zurich Area, where they operate their own research centers.

The high quality of living as well as a leading position in software testing attract researchers and specialists from all over the world to the Greater Zurich Area.



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Key Facts

CHF 28.2 billion 

Gross value added of ICT companies in Switzerland (5.1% of total gross value)

177,400 jobs 

4.6% of all jobs in Switzerland

Source: ICTSwitzerland

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