Life Sciences: Strong in Switzerland

Life sciences is one of the industries with the strongest representation in the Greater Zurich Area. The region is one of the most important life-sciences centers in Europe today. Many international companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology sectors have settled in the Greater Zurich Area. 

Medical technology functions as precisely as a Swiss watch as it builds on the expertise of a watch-making industry with a rich history. Other areas of life sciences also capitalize on this extensive knowledge, as the transfer of knowledge between research and business is seamless.

A further plus: The Greater Zurich Area is home to a large pool of specialists. In addition, there are companies here from all the sectors in the medical technology value-added chain.

Key Facts


Life sciences companies in Zurich (2013)


employees in Life sciences in Zurich (2013)

CHF 46.1 billion

Total annual turnover for the life sciences sector (2013)

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