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Zuger Kantonalbank

The Zuger Kantonalbank was founded in 1892 and today employs around 400 staff in 14 branches.

The bank is a corporation governed by cantonal public law and guaranteed by the state. It is listed on the Swiss stock exchange. Half of the shares are held by the canton of Zug, and the other half are distributed among 7,000 private shareholders.

As the leading financial institution in the business center of Zug, the Zuger Kantonalbank provides investment, lending and pensions services to private and corporate clients and investors. The Zuger Kantonalbank offers major private and institutional clients a range of independent and expert services covering investment consultancy and safe-keeping of assets.

Financial markets are systematically analyzed and basic research reports are prepared in collaboration with Wellershoff & Partners Ltd.

Facts and figures (2013)

Total assets CHF 13,8

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Annual profit CHF 61,2
Assets under management CHF 11,4
Staff (full-time positions) 398
Zug is a strong and confident business location. It success is due to intensive interregional and international networking. This is only possible thanks to the great strengths offered by the business center that we live in. The Zuger Kantonalbank plays an important role here with its high-quality banking services.
Pascal Niquille
Pascal Niquille - CEO

Mission Statement

We stand out due to the quality of our client relationships. Our clients know that they are in safe hands and can trust us to alert them in good time to market opportunities and issues that need their attention. At the same time, we offer our clients appropriate solutions that fulfill our service promise of accompanying them throughout life.

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