Zurich Chamber of Commerce

As a cross-industry business association, the Zurich Chamber of Commerce (ZHK) represents the interests of around 1,000 members in the cantons of Zurich, Zug and Schaffhausen.

The Zurich Chamber of Commerce (ZHK) builds bridges between business, politics and society and is committed at all levels to maintaining and increasing the attractiveness of the regional business location.

The ZHK works closely with its members, keeps them informed about economic policy developments and networks with institutions and associations that share the same goals. Based on federal law and international agreements, the ZHK also certifies export documents and issues customs guarantees.

Zurich Handelskammer

Zurich needs to remain attractive and competitive as a business location. Working in partnership with business, the activities of the Zurich Chamber of Commerce help to ensure that companies will find a good business environment here. It is just as important to offer a competitive tax regime as it is to offer a good transport infrastructure or excellent educational establishments.
Dr. Regine Sauter
Dr. Regine Sauter - Director of the Zurich Chamber of Commerce

Zurich Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

The Zurich Chamber of Commerce acts as the link between the state and business. It campaigns for a liberal and free-market business environment as a way of promoting our economy's positioning both domestically and abroad.

More private supporters

More private supporters

The Greater Zurich Area Foundation and the operational Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) are supported by 30+ supporters from the private sector and academia. Curious to know who the others are?

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