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Where world-class technology meets Swiss reliability

The Greater Zurich Area is where world-class technology meets Swiss reliability. As the global leader in innovation and talent attraction and with Switzerland’s business-friendly, stable and reliable environment, Greater Zurich offers international companies real added value and peace of mind for their strategic expansion. 

Find out how our location advantages create value for your business expansion:

GZA Perspektiven 2023: Zukunftsfähigkeit durch Nachhaltigkeit

GZA Perspektiven 2023: Zukunftsfähigkeit durch Nachhaltigkeit

The annual summer event of Greater Zurich Area Ltd. focused on the potentials and challenges for the Greater Zurich economic area regarding the circular economy. 350 guests discussed with inspiring speakers about the potential of a functioning circular economy and about our location in the international competition in terms of sustainability.

GZA Perspektiven 2023

Are you looking to grow your business internationally?

Find out why the Greater Zurich Area is the right place to expand your business. 

Let us connect you with the right person to learn more about how the Greater Zurich Area Ltd can support your business needs. 

Our services are free of charge and include: 

  • Introductions to key contacts in industry, academia and government
  • Advice on regulatory framework, taxes, labor market and setting up a company
  • Custom-made fact-finding visits including office and co-working space

We help you connect to tomorrow

We help you connect to tomorrow

Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) is the official investment promotion agency of the economic region of Zurich, Switzerland. 

We guide interested companies through the ecosystem of the Greater Zurich Area and network them with the relevant companies, universities and research institutes, incubators, platforms, associations, and authorities. All our services are free of charge.

Discover the world-class technology and Swiss reliability

Investing in Zurich was the best decision we've ever made.
Erich Schmidt
Eric Schmidt - former CEO of Alphabet (Google) in a newspaper interview ("Schweiz am Wochenende", Jan 23, 2016)