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20 years GZA

Anniversary event

Photo gallery, videos and other material related to the 20-year anniversary event of Greater Zurich Area Ltd (GZA) of August 27, 2019


Technology sectors

Switzerland and Greater Zurich are world leaders in innovation and the ability to attract talent. For a good reason: ETH Zurich is the best university in continental Europe. Technology leaders like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Disney, ABB, Biogen, Johnson & Johnson or Roche operate important R&D sites in the region. They all count on the concentrated technology excellence in Europe's most stable environment.

Investing in Zurich was the best decision we've ever made.
Erich Schmidt
Eric Schmidt - former CEO of Alphabet (Google) in a newspaper interview ("Schweiz am Wochenende", Jan 23, 2016)
Key advantages

Why Greater Zurich Area

As a global leader in innovation and talent attraction and with Switzerland’s business-friendly, stable and reliable environment, Greater Zurich offers international companies real added value for their strategic expansion. Which of the following location advantages do you value most in your business?

The world-class universities and the highly skilled talent pool make Switzerland an ideal hub for a science-driven company like Biogen.
Johanna Friedl-Naderer, Biogen
Johanna Friedl-Naderer - Senior Vice President, Head Europe & Canada, Biogen
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