Blockchain Meetup Zürich

A legal overview on Blockchain & Estate planning for digital currencies​

Blockchain Source is delighted to announce Pamela Morgan of Empowered Law PLLC and Third Key Solutions LLC as the speaker for our next meetup. Pamela is an American attorney, educator, and entrepreneur with a focus on legal innovation using digital currencies and smart contracts and a well-known expert in this field. She will give a short legal overview on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts from a lawyers perspective and talk about how estate planning for digital currencies works. 

Door opening: 19:00

Talk Start: 19:15

Part 1: A legal overview on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Target Audience: lawyers & law students (but open to all)

Bitcoin, blockchains, and smart contracts are coming to disrupt your legal practice. These technologies provide new ways of delivering services that are faster, more secure, and often eliminate the need for "trusted" third parties. They'll impact the way you, and your clients, do business. Attend this session to get a practical understanding of what's happening now (and what's just hype); what you and your clients actually need to know; and how to further develop your practice in this niche area.

Part 2: Locked out, forever; Estate planning for digital currencies​

Sometimes the law isn't enough; this is one of those times. Effective estate planning for digital currencies, like bitcoin, requires both a legal and technical plan. Without a legal plan, heirs and assignees could be locked in court battles for years over who is legally "entitled" to inherit the value. Without a technical plan, it may be impossible for anyone to access these locked assets. In this session, you'll learn how to build a basic technical estate plan and combine it with a legal plan to provide access when the time comes.

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