Graubündner Kantonalbank

Graubündner Kantonalbank (GKB) was founded in 1870 and offers private individuals, businesses and public authorities everything they would expect from a modern universal bank.

As well as offering retail and corporate banking services focused on the canton of Grisons, the bank also has a tradition of private banking. With a comprehensive range of services, attractive employment opportunities, progressive training programs and balanced value management, it attends to the needs of clients, staff, investors and the general public.

The bank employs around 1,000 staff and has over 50 branches in this large, diverse and multilingual canton. Its headquarters are located in Chur. Outside of Grisons, GKB has strategic shareholdings in the private bank Bellerive AG and Albin Kistler AG, both based in Zurich. Participation shares in GKB have been listed on the stock market since September 10, 1985.

«As a bank for Grisons, sponsorship partner and patron, attractive employer and client of local businesses, we adhere to our core values of competence and solidarity. It's therefore our responsibility to show that we are a company whose values and wide-ranging involvement are what makes our canton so special.»

Alois Vinzens, CEO

Mission Statement

GKB takes a balanced approach to the interests of its clients, staff, investors and the general public. In accordance with the principles of sustainability, we act in a way that is commercially, environmentally and socially responsible. We create the basis for the long-term success of our business by adhering to the spirit of "growing together".


Bank Chairman
Peter Fanconi

Alois Vinzens

Director of Markets
Thomas Roth

Director of IT/Operations
Enrico Lardelli

Director of Market Performance
Daniel Fust

Facts and figures (2017)

CHF 25.6 Mrd.

Total assets

CHF 180.3 Mio

Consolidated profit



+41 44 254 59 59
9:18 am
+1 415 655 1045
9:18 am
+86 21 6235 1889
9:18 am

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