Swiss ICT economy continues to grow

Bern – The export of information and communications technology (ICT) services from Switzerland and the importance of this branch for the Swiss economy have risen sharply, according to two recently published studies.

The Swiss software sector is highly profitable and has positive prospects for the future, confirms a study by the University of Bern on Swiss ICT companies. According to a news release from ICTswitzerland, the umbrella organisation of Switzerland’s trade associations, providers and users of ICT, the long-term Swiss Software Industry Survey (SSIS) revealed revealed that the Swiss software sector was highly profitable in 2014 with an average EBIT margin of 8.5 per cent. Prospects for growth were also seen as broadly positive: on average, software companies expected average revenue growth of 12 per cent.

ICTswitzerland commissioned the Institute for Business Studies Basel (IWSB) to carry out a study on foreign trade for 2014. The study revealed strong growth in ICT services exports in 2014: more than CHF 18 billion in ICT goods and services were exported that year, explains the news release. Services exports – 61 per cent of which are destined to the EU – grew by 14 per cent over 2013. With CHF 11.6 billion, ICT services are Switzerland’s fifth-largest services export sector – almost double the CHF 6.5 billion from insurance services exports.

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