Branchfood and GZA present: Sustainably Nourishing Tomorrow in FoodTech

Sustainably Nourishing Tomorrow: A Collaborative Approach for Global Impact in the food industry

🍏🌐 This webinar explores the forefront of sustainable practices and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of the global food industry, presented by Greater Zurich Area and Branchfood. 

In a world grappling with complex challenges such as environmental concerns, supply chain disruptions, demographic shifts, and food insecurity, the demand for sustainable solutions has reached unprecedented heights. This webinar provides an inside look into cutting-edge initiatives adopted by trailblazing corporations. 


🥕 Gavin Steiner, Chief Technology Officer, SIG Group

🥕 Stephan Schüle, Head of Product Management, Syntegon

🥕 Pascal Bieri, Co-Founder, Planted

🥕 Tobias Gunzenhauser, Founder & CEO, yamo

🥕 Stefanie Guyer, Marketing & Communications Manager, Greater Zurich Area

🥕 Moderator: Annette Herz, Strategic Advisor, Branchfood Partner, Compass Marketing

Watch the recording here: 

We'll be at the event:

Stefanie Guyer Portrait
Stefanie Guyer
Marketing & Communications Manager
Milo Baker Portrait
Milo Baker
Project Manager USA

FoodTech ecosystem in Greater Zurich

FoodTech ecosystem in Greater Zurich

The Greater Zurich Area is an essential player in the global FoodTech sector, actively shaping our global future. In the food industry worldwide, it's hard to find a product that the expertise and innovation of Swiss companies have yet to impact. Switzerland's achievements can be seen in various aspects, such as advanced technology, significant patents, and infrastructure.

FoodTech in the Greater Zurich Area

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