Zurich has second-best public transport in world

Greater Zurich: Switzerland's infrastructure and transportation system help companies succeed

How Switzerland's infrastructure helps you boost your business

For over a decade now, Switzerland has been ranked as the leading innovation hub worldwide in terms of highly innovative research and patent applications. The Greater Zurich Area plays a key role in Switzerland's innovative strength. Combined with a business-friendly environment and a high quality of life, it is the ideal location for innovation-driven companies with an international outlook. 

The Swiss transportation infrastructure helps companies boost their business even further and connects them to the international markets.

Switzerland’s sustainable and highly efficient public infrastructure offers top connectivity both on the regional and international level. Combined with Greater Zurich's highly business-friendly innovation environment, this makes the region one of Europe’s leading sustainable business locations. A prime example of the excellent Swiss infrastructure and transportation network, Greater Zurich's public transport and infrastructure consistently top global rankings focusing on urban mobility.

#2 Best Public Transport

World Economic Forum

#5 Urban Mobility Readiness

Urban Mobility Index

#1 longest train tunnel

Gotthard base tunnel: 57 kilometers (35.4 miles)

#1 most innovative country

WIPO Global Innovation Index

#1 Talent competitiveness

IMD World Talent Ranking

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International travel made easy

International travel made easy

Greater Zurich offers high international connectivity with direct transportation options to major cities across the continent and is integrated into the European transportation network. This makes the region an attractive location for businesses that require frequent international travel.

✈️ Air travel: Zurich Airport offers direct flights to over 160 destinations worldwide and takes only 12 minutes to reach by train from the inner city. The airport is also easily accessible from other parts of Greater Zurich, whilst, in the southern part, Milan Airport is also a popular option offering international flights.

🚆 Rail: Greater Zurich is ideally located in the heart of Europe, being connected to European rail transport and thus offering both easy and sustainable international public transport. Metropoles such as Milan, Munich, Paris, or Stuttgart are easily accessible with direct train connections in under 4 hours.

🚚 Road: Switzerland is part of the EU Schengen Area and thus has open borders with all its neighboring countries, offering hassle-free crossing into Germany, France, Italy, Austria, and Lichtenstein.

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Excellent connectivity with public transport in Greater Zurich

Excellent connectivity with public transport in Greater Zurich

The Greater Zurich Area has one of the world’s most efficient and reliable public transportation systems. The city of Zurich is consistently ranked among the top cities in the world for quality of life with an excellent public transport system. 

Not only in the Greater Zurich Area, but in the whole of Switzerland the transportation system and road infrastructure are ideally set out for high connectivity for travel, commuting, and leisure.

🚚 Road: Switzerland’s highway network is one of the densest in the world and boasts over 270 tunnels in operation to master the mountainous terrain. The national highways are also major international transportation routes, being situated on the important North-South-Axis of Europe.

🏗️ Cargo: The Swiss economy is supported by an excellent distribution infrastructure for supplying goods and services. To protect the environment, more and more freight traffic is moved from road to rail. 

🚆 Rail: Due to high punctuality and reliability, the Swiss are the most frequent rail travelers in all of Europe. Every day, over 10,000 trains run the small country's track. Despite having the highest rail network capacity utilization in Europe, the trains are punctual and coordinated with further modes of transport such as buses or funiculars, to reach even remote destinations on time.

Access to top talent

Access to top talent

🌉Bridging geographical gaps between talent and employers: Switzerland's excellent public transportation infrastructure plays a pivotal role in enhancing access to talent, enabling individuals from various regions to easily commute to work. Companies located in the Greater Zurich Area can tap into a vast pool of highly skilled professionals who live in different regions, thanks to the ease of commuting provided by the transport infrastructure. This accessibility to talent is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to recruit individuals who prefer to live further away from urban centers and also erases the need to offer costly relocation packages.

✅Reliability & quality of life: Switzerland's public transportation system is renowned for its reliability, which means that employees can confidently plan their daily commute. This reduces the time spent in traffic congestion, ultimately allowing employees to arrive at work relaxed and on time. 

Talent that chooses public transportation for their daily commute contributes to Switzerland's eco-friendly image and helps attract professionals who prioritize sustainable living. The Swiss and Greater Zurich's public transport system offers more than just a way to get to work; it enhances overall quality of life.

Sustainable transport

Sustainable transport

🌱 Green transportation: The Swiss public transport system is a driver of sustainability in the country, with an emphasis on e-mobility and urban readiness. Much of public transport is powered by renewable energy sources, and there have been heavy investments in expanding the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

🌱 Sustainability in business: By using Switzerland's sustainable transport solutions, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainable transportation options, such as electric trains and low-emission vehicles, help businesses meet their sustainability goals. Businesses can further optimize their supply chains, reduce transportation-related delays, and minimize operational costs, leading to increased competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Setting the base for the future of cargo transportation in Switzerland's infrastructure, Cargo sous terrain is developing an extensive subterraneous cargo transport tunnel system powered by green energy.

Living the work-life balance

Living the work-life balance

Do you want a perfect work-life balance? In the Greater Zurich Area you will find a unique quality of life. Here you can bring work, family, recovery, sport, and leisure into perfect harmony. In addition to excellent business and career opportunities and comparatively high wages, Greater Zurich impresses with its breathtaking nature which can be comfortably explored by excellent public transport connections. 

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