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Advanced manufacturing

Where world-class technology meets Swiss reliability

Technologies made in Switzerland are revolutionizing design and manufacturing. Digital technologies, additive manufacturing, material, photonics and sensor technologies, as well as process automation, are making manufacturing faster, more efficient and smarter. Leading global technology companies like ABB, Georg Fischer, OC Oerlikon, Conzzeta, Siemens, PB Automation, Sensirion and Trumpf have found success in advanced manufacturing in the Greater Zurich Area. Moreover, research institutions in the region team up, collaborate and focus on an interdisciplinary approach to help position Switzerland as a leader in advanced manufacturing.

The Greater Zurich Area is one of the best business locations in the world.
Mads Joergensen - CFO Georg Fischer

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Rolf Bühler
Director Europe
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Beryl Kern
Senior Project Manager
Lukas Huber Director Asia
Lukas Huber
Deputy Managing Director and Executive Director China

Rankings, facts and figures

#1 ranking on Global Innovation Index

Source: WIPO

#1 World Talent Ranking

Source: IMD

#1 Most attractive destination for highly qualified foreign workers

Source: IMD

#6 Work Digital Competitiveness Ranking

Source: IMD

#3 for global robotics patents in relation to the number of inhabitants

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