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We create added value for the Greater Zurich Area and Switzerland by attracting forward-looking companies.
Greater Zurich Area Ltd (GZA) - Our Mission

Greater Zurich Area Ltd.

Added value for companies and investors

Added value for companies and investors

Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) is the official investment promotion agency of the economic region of Zurich, Switzerland. 

GZA is the reliable Swiss business concierge for companies looking to grow internationally. We act as an intermediary, door opener, and facilitator. We guide interested companies through the ecosystem of the Greater Zurich Area and network them with the relevant companies, universities and research institutes, incubators, platforms, associations, and authorities. This creates added value for the companies' strategic expansion.

Since our founding, we’ve helped more than 1,000 companies successfully establish a presence in Switzerland.

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Added value for the Zurich economic region

Added value for the Zurich economic region

We aim to ensure a sustainable quality of life and economic prosperity for future generations. Switzerland's small size, globalization, and digitalization require openness in business and science. We strive for the best talents and technologies, for capital, entrepreneurship, and networks.

With a long-term strategy in mind, we identify synergistic companies with a high level of innovative strength and added value, network them with the relevant players in the respective ecosystem and support them to maximize their global presence through strategic set-up in the Greater Zurich Area.

The establishment of these companies adds value to the Greater Zurich Area in the form of innovative strength, jobs, taxes, increased competitiveness, and greater crisis resilience.

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Greater Zurich as an economic area

Greater Zurich as an economic area

The Greater Zurich Area is known for world-class technology in Europe's most stable environment. As a global leader in innovation and talent attraction and with Switzerland’s business-friendly, stable and reliable environment, the Greater Zurich Area offers international companies real added value for their strategic expansion.

From a territorial perspective, the Greater Zurich Area consists of 9 cantons (federal states) in the German- and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland. Each of them contributes specific technological competencies to the entire economic area.

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Innovation, value creation, and sustainability

Annual Report 2023

The Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA), together with its location promotion partners, settled 89 international companies in the Zurich economic region in 2023.

Discover in the annual report new players in the ecosystem and the figures for the year 2023.

Meet with an expansion expert

Our services are free of charge and include:

  • Introduction to key contacts in industry, academia, and government
  • Advice on regulatory framework, taxes, labor, market, and setting up a company
  • Custom-made fact-finding visits, including office and co-working space
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Sonja Wollkopf Walt
Managing Director
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Lukas Huber
COO & Executive Director China
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Sabine Müller
Head of Marketing and Communications