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Is innovation an important factor of success for your company? Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area in particular are world leaders in research, knowledge and innovation. The established exchange between academic institutions and the private sector as well as access to highly qualified specialists make the Greater Zurich Area an innovation hub.

For several years now, Switzerland has been considered the leading innovation hub in terms of highly innovative research and patent applications. Since 2011, Switzerland is number one in the Global Innovation Index. And according to the Regional Innovation Scoreboard, the city of Zurich is the most important hotspot for innovation in Europe. The Greater Zurich Area plays a key role in the Swiss innovation network and is the motor of Switzerland's innovative strength.

The constant good results in numerous innovation rankings are driven by multiple factors:

  1. Switzerland has a successful and well-established dual education system.  
  2. Innovation is fostered by the close cooperation between research institutes and the private sector.

  3. The Greater Zurich Area has a large and diverse availability of qualified workforce, while attracting and retaining top global talent.

  4. Innovation-friendly authorities in Switzerland regulate without hindering innovation. They act pragmatically and progressively and are in constant contact with the industries concerned.

Startup ecosystem - a dynamo for tech start-ups

Startup ecosystem - a dynamo for tech start-ups

The three most important ingredients for a thriving startup ecosystem are talent, capital, and customers. With this, the Greater Zurich region has developed into a very attractive location for successful startups. There are leading universities, renowned companies, mentors, incubators, and accelerators. An innovation and business-friendly environment and a sense of entrepreneurial spirit round off the package. 

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High innovation and research density

Innovation in Greater Zurich is strengthened by the high density of well-connected top universities and research institutes. These include, for example, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), the interdisciplinary research institute for materials science and Technology Empa, the University of Zurich and various universities of applied sciences. According to the World University Ranking, ETH Zurich is the best university outside of the USA and the UK and a global leader in computer science. ETH Zurich has recorded an impressive number of over 400 spin-offs in the last twenty years. One hundred of these are among the most successful Swiss spin-offs. This is further proof of the excellent cooperation between science and the private sector. In the most recent study of the World Economic Forum, Switzerland is even moving up first place regarding R&D collaborations. Patents are an important indicator of a country's innovative strength. With 5.3 patents per 10,000 persons, the Greater Zurich Area has a high patent intensity in international comparison. Moreover Greater Zurich and recorded above-average growth, especially concerning world-class patents.

The dynamic innovation environment in the Greater Zurich Area has helped leading global companies such as Google (machine learning and artificial intelligence), Disney Research (computer graphics laboratory including video manipulation and encoding, 3D and perception study), and Microsoft (mixed reality and artificial intelligence) to jointly operate research laboratories with ETH Zurich.

A diversified, innovative environment

Innovations made in the Greater Zurich Area: The close collaboration between research institutes and the private sector as well as numerous accelerators and incubators create a dynamic environment for innovation in technologies such as life sciences, information technology, fintech and blockchain, robotics and intelligent systems and advanced production processes. Learn more about technological excellence in the Greater Zurich Area.

Access to talent is guaranteed in the Greater Zurich Area

Highly skilled, productive, and motivated employees for all corporate functions, a flexible job market and business-friendly regulations draw easily innovative global companies, SMEs and start-ups into Greater Zurich. Switzerland also ranks rist regularly as the top country worldwide for talent, talent competitiveness and retention, according to the Global Talent Competitivenewss Index and the World Talent Ranking. Furthermore, the high quality of life in Greater Zurich makes the area particularly attractive for top managers and their families. Learn more about our talent pool.

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Join Greater Zurich's lifestyle and fashion tech ecosystem

Join Greater Zurich's lifestyle and fashion tech ecosystem

Ticino, Greater Zurich's geographic extension to the south, is a hidden gem for startups at the heart of Europe. Over the last few years, it has nurtured a growing ecosystem where startups, big tech, international corporations and universities are working hand-in-hand. There is a mix of unique factors that makes Ticino particularly attractive for start-ups working in fashion, food, travel, design and other lifestyle-related industries.

Ticino in Greater Zurich is ideal lifestyletech hub

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