Robotics & intelligent systems

Robotics & intelligent systems

The Greater Zurich Area has been a global leader in robotics, drone technology and computer vision. The close ties between the industry, world-class universities and researchers and innovation-friendly authorities have driven innovation, attracted leading technology firms, talents and encouraged entrepreneurship. Multinationals (such as ABB, IBM, Siemens, Trapeze or GE), SMEs and start-ups (such as ANYbotics, Auterion, Ewatt, Fixposition, Matternet, Wingtra or Yuneec) all value the high availability of talent thanks to a number of renowned universities such as the ETH Zurich, a world leader in the field of engineering and technology, the University of Zurich and several Universities of Applied Sciences. Do you want to join the Silicon Valley of robotics and intelligent systems?

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Ecosystem around Zurich in robotics, mobility & intelligent systems

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Greater Zurich’s vibrant drone and robotics ecosystem continues to attract innovative start-ups and leaders in the field. Watch the video to find out why:

The Greater Zurich Area offers highly skilled and diverse engineering talent, a strong ecosystem in drone technology, solid international connections, and an unrivaled quality of life. This made it the ideal location to found Auterion, a deep-tech company focused on international customers.
Kevin Sartori
Kevin Sartori - Co-Founder of Auterion, Honorary Ambassador of the Greater Zurich Area


Beryl Kern, Project Manager GZA
Beryl Kern
Project Manager
Lukas Sieber
Lukas Sieber
Executive Director USA
Marc Rudolf

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