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Industrial sites and buildings

Shovel-ready industrial sites and buildings  

Home to global manufacturers such as Johnson&Johnson, Hamilton, Biogen, IWC, Stryker, Trumpf, Dätwyler, Rieter, Zimmer Biomet, and many more, Greater Zurich offers easy access to a large pool of highly qualified employees and 500+ million customers in Europe. Moderate taxes and incentives as well as an excellent transportation infrastructure are an additional draw.

If you're looking for industrial sites or buildings in the Greater Zurich Area, please check out our shovel-ready industrial site section below for featured greenfields or warehouse and manufacturing spaces. If you don't find a suitable solution, we’ll be happy to connect you with the local economic development offices or real estate service providers. 

Business-friendly environment

Business-friendly environment

Are you looking for a place where your business can grow and thrive? Switzerland is home to one of the most competitive economies in the world. Companies benefit from economic and political stability, European market access, a highly qualified workforce, pragmatic regulations, a competitive tax system and an excellent infrastructure.

Access to talent

Access to talent

Are you looking for a location with a broad and diverse availability of highly qualified employees? According to international rankings, Switzerland and especially the Greater Zurich Area are the world's most attractive locations for talent.

Corporate and individual taxes

Corporate and individual taxes

Moderate tax rates for corporations and individuals and the smooth cooperation with tax authorities are a major advantage of Switzerland and especially the Greater Zurich Area. 

Access to customers

Access to customers

Switzerland is independent and yet a central component of the European Single Market. Choosing the Greater Zurich Area guarantees access to more than 500 million consumers in Europe. Switzerland also has free trade agreements with 40 partners outside the European Union, including China, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Canada.

Transportation infrastructure

Transportation infrastructure

With 5,200 kilometers of railways and 73,000 kilometers of roads, Switzerland has an extremely dense and efficient transportation network, allowing easy access to Germany, Italy, France and Austria. Additionally, Switzerland has three international airports (Zurich, Basel and Geneva), 11 regional airports, 49 airfields and 24 heliports. Zurich Airport is Switzerland’s largest international airport with more than 31 million passengers per year, 65 intercontinental flights and 141 European direct flights.

Discover our shovel-ready industrial sites

Industrial Area Pian Faloppia: Ideal connectivity and infrastructure

24 acres (96’800 m2), complemented by an area of over 10,000 m2 for business support services and 3 hectares of agricultural fields.

Suurstoffi Risch Rotkreutz: Single-tenant opportunity

Maximum rental space approx. 2,4 acres (10,000 m²) and approx. 1,5 acres (6000 m²): Look forward to an advanced energy and mobility concept, supplemented by smart applications and a wide range of infr...

Industrial Park Vial: Your location for growth

One of the biggest developed industrial zones in Switzerland with over 40 acres (160,000m²) of ready-to-build land

Industrial Site Rieter Areal: Well connected

2 acres (8000m²) of manufacturing/ warehouse space just 20 minutes from Zurich Airport

Industrial Building Papieri Biberist: Your ideal commercial real estate

64 acres (259,000m²) of industrial land within commuting distance from Zurich, Basel and Bern

Industrial Site Werkmatt: Your space for success

30 acres (120,000m²) of industrial land available with direct access to the European north-south axis

Industrial Campus Fänn Future: Your environment for inspiration

The campus offers large-scale and flexible space structure for offices, R&D, and production on over 9 acres (36,400m²)

Industrial Site Jenny Areal: Your connected gateway to industrial success

Over 8 acres (33,000m²) of industrial land, within 1-hour accessibility to Zurich Airport

Industrial Area Biasca: Your urban industrial area offering high-end infrastructure

Over 39 acres (160,000m²) of industrial land, reach both Zurich and Milan in just over 2 hours

Talk to an expert

Talk to an expert

Let us connect you with the right person to learn more about how the Greater Zurich Area can support your business needs. 

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