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The Greater Zurich Area has evolved into a global fintech and blockchain hub, thanks to factors like access to talent, leading research institutes, innovation-friendly regulators, investors and industry partners. Switzerland, and particularly Crypto Valley in the Greater Zurich Area, has been at the forefront of digitization and disruptive technologies, and start-ups in the area have access to a variety of incubators and accelerators that support them in establishing a company and developing ideas and products.



Building on a long tradition as a leader financial hub with top technical universities, the Greater Zurich Area offers ideal conditions for driving growth and innovation in fintech. Today, Greater Zurich is one of the leading fintech hubs in the world, on par with Singapore and London.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology

The Greater Zurich Area, specifically its world-famous Crypto Valley, has developed into a world center for the blockchain industry. Greater Zurich provides a business-friendly, pragmatic regulatory environment and a deep-rooted sense of privacy protection, along with a high concentration of peer companies, service providers and world-renowned research institutions, all working together in order to push the boundaries of the blockchain application scope. 

Reach out for expert advice and insights

Reach out for expert advice and insights

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The Greater Zurich Area is a unique place where highly qualified experts and a vibrant security culture come together.
Raffael Marty - Vice President Research and Intelligence at Forcepoint

Legal framework for Fintech and blockchain companies

Switzerland is known as one of the most stable countries in the world and thus offers the ideal environment for fintech and blockchain companies, which heavily rely on legal certainty like protection of property, data protection laws, confidentiality, and a politically stable environment. 

The Swiss legal and political system is a major competitive advantage for fintech companies. In fact, fintech companies benefit from low corporate and individual tax rates, a high number of double tax treaties, and approachable, pragmatic authorities.

Recent legal adaptions have reduced market entry barriers for fintech companies even more and strengthened the competitiveness of the Swiss financial center:

These extensions of legal possibilities have attracted many foreign companies to set up their headquarters in Switzerland and especially in the Greater Zurich Area and allow emerging technologies to thrive even more.

Disover the Why, How, and Costs of expanding your business into the Greater Zurich Area: 

Webinar "Go Switzerland! for Israeli Blockchain/ Web 3.0 start-ups", May 2023. This webinar focuses on business expansion from Israel to Switzerland, however the legal framework are universally applicable.

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Meet with an expert

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