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Quality of life

Do you want a perfect work-life balance? In the Greater Zurich Area you will find a unique quality of life. Here you can bring work, family, recovery, sport and leisure into perfect harmony.

In addition to excellent business and career opportunities and comparatively high wages - you have nowhere else the same purchasing power - the Greater Zurich Area impresses with its breathtaking nature. The scenery ranges from the spectacular Glarus and Uri high mountains to the gentle hills of central Swiss and the Mediterranean Ticino. In combination with the four seasons, there are numerous leisure activities to explore such as hiking, biking or skiing. During the summer, clean lakes and rivers invite for a swim. And at the same time proximity  to the urban regions is always given and offers various cultural and culinary attractions, which are a magnet for all age groups.

In no time from A to B with minimal daily grind

Another advantage of Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area is the excellent public transport network. SBB, the Swiss Federal Railway, ensures that its customers reach their destinations punctually and with minimal daily grind. The larger cities are served hourly by fast train connections. From Zurich, for example, it takes about an hour to get to Lucerne, Basel, Bern or St. Gallen. Switzerland is not only excellently connected nationally, but also internationally. Zurich Airport can be reached from practically all regions in the Greater Zurich Area within an hour and is with direct flights to 146 destinations one of the most important airports in Europe.

The Greater Zurich Area is not only one of the best business locations in the world but offers also so much quality of life.
Mads Joergensen - CFO Georg Fischer

In the best of hands

The health care infrastructure is an important indicator of a country's quality of life. According to BAK Economics statistics, Switzerland ranks first with 9.25 out of 10 points, followed by Hong Kong and Germany. In Switzerland, every person must have mandatory health insurance. The costs vary depending on the municipality of residence, age, sex and level of the deductible (between CHF 300 and CHF 2500) and the choice of the insurance provider. For an adult, the average amount, including accident insurance, is around CHF 450.  In return, you are in the best of hands since Switzerland's medical care is one of the most advanced in the world. Highly qualified specialists take care of you and your family members in cases of illness and other emergencies. With 4.2 doctors per 1000 inhabitants, the density of doctors in Switzerland is on a par with its neighboring countries Germany and France and guarantees sufficient capacity for treatment.

The Greater Zurich Area combines breathtaking nature, a wide range of leisure activities, qualified education and training opportunities, the best medical care complementing expansion and career opportunities - all in the safest and most stable environment in Europe.

Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area's biggest city Zurich are regularly awarded by international rankings for their innovativeness, quality of life, and education system. Discover the rankings: 

We had very good experiences with Swiss health services. The whole process was very smooth – also with the insurance. Everything was well planned and organized.
Dr. Jan Lichtenberg - Assistant Vice President, Head Europe and Africa, Trina Solar

Why Greater Zurich Area

Why Greater Zurich Area

The Greater Zurich Area is not only a great place to live but also the ideal business location for growing your company in the heart of Europe. Discover the top access to talent, the region's global innovation hub and business-friendly environment, tax advantages, and why international headquarters are located in the region. 

Why Greater Zurich Area

Are you looking to grow your business internationally?

Technology is what drives the future and shapes society. Come join the bright minds and forward-looking companies in the Greater Zurich Area – where world-class technology meets Swiss reliability. But stepping into a new country can be challenging and therefore it is good to know you can rely on local partners. Talk to our team about your strategic expansion in/into Europe and Greater Zurich.

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