Wind turbines produce sustainable energy on the Gotthard Pass in the Greater Zurich Area

Sustainable Business Region

Greater Zurich makes a positive impact to your sustainability initiative

ESG metrics are increasingly important performance indicators for most sustainable companies. Expanding or relocating a business can have a dramatic impact on these metrics, and Switzerland is the ideal location for meeting sustainability goals.

Switzerland regularly ranks among the top sustainable countries in the world and  the country is renowned for its longstanding commitment to climate protection and has been a global model for prosperity.


Greater Zurich Cleantech Ecosystem Map

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Within Switzerland, the Greater Zurich Area leads the way and is committed to sustainability and furthering the growth of its circular economy.

Home to eco-friendly startups and sustainable corporations alike, the region ranks #8 in the Global Destination Sustainability Movement Index. With reliable, efficient energy sources, bold carbon footprint goals, high quality of life, and a commitment to environmental protection, Greater Zurich can help ensure your company achieves a future-forward vision of success.

The innovative technology called “direct air capture” removes excess CO₂ from the air so it can no longer contribute to climate change. In collaboration with high-quality CO₂ storage, Climeworks provides a carbon removal service that’s permanent, measurable, and scalable.

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The FoodTech company aims to reduce the negative impact of the traditional meat industry on the planet while providing healthy and tasty proteins. Planted’s plant-based meat is made only from natural ingredients and also finds success abroad.

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By replacing fossil fuels with carbon-neutral solar fuels, Synhelion aims to close the carbon cycle and drive a world connected by clean, sustainable transportation. Solar fuels are synthetic fuels produced from solar energy and fully compatible with existing global fuel infrastructure. 

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Strong commitment to sustainability

Strong commitment to sustainability

From majestic peaks to crystal clear lakes, the nature of Switzerland is renowned. Research shows that this connection to nature likely influences the strong commitment to environmental action. The Swiss populace actively supports the growth of sustainable business across industries, from cleantech to sustainable fintech.

Because of its clean air, efficient waste management, commitment to nature, and plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2040, Zurich was named the #1 least polluted city in the world. Furthermore, Greater Zurich’s topography and climate are conducive to renewable energy sources like hydropower and businesses are fueled by an efficient and sustainable grid. Hydropower is low-cost, durable, and reliable for long-term electricity generation compared to other sources of energy.

Environmentally- and business-friendly

Environmentally- and business-friendly

Switzerland is consistently recognized as one of the safest and most secure locations to live, travel, and do business. With its neutrality, predictable policy cycle, and exceptionally low crime rate, the country ranks #11 on the Global Peace Index.

This security begets stable, sustainable growth for companies across industries. The highly-qualified workforce, competitive tax system, and infrastructure make Switzerland one of the most competitive economies in the world.

High quality of life

High quality of life

Companies relocating to this region not only enjoy a boost in performance towards environmental goals but also easy access to talent. People from over 175 nations live in the Greater Zurich Area, attracted by its high quality of life and thriving economy. The city of Zurich ranks #3 on EIU’s Global Liveability Index and is among the top 3 for developing, attracting, and retaining talent worldwide. The population shares a common passion for the outdoors and enthusiasm for public transport. With over 12,000 kilometers of cycling routes throughout the country and a highly efficient, eco-friendly public transport network, eco-conscious transportation is very popular and easily accessible in comparison to other countries such as the U.S. Mountains and gentle hills are perfect for leisure activities like hiking and skiing, while urban regions offer culinary and cultural attractions, all well within reach with Switzerland’s excellent public transport network.

Founders of climate tech company Climeworks Jan Wurzbacher and Christoph Gebald in front of their direct air capture plant for CO2 removal.

Founders of climate tech company Climeworks Jan Wurzbacher and Christoph Gebald in front of their direct air capture plant for CO2 removal. ©Climeworks 2023

Top 4 factors in Switzerland’s commitment to sustainability

  1. Protecting and preserving the environment is embedded in Swiss culture with high investments in sustainable energy production. Both Switzerland and the Greater Zurich region are committed to helping businesses contribute to sustainable development goals.
  2. Switzerland is famous for resource efficiency, which is also reflected in a sustainable economy. The recycling system is very advanced, with many raw material wastes being converted into energy.
  3. Greater Zurich’s excellence as an innovation hub means that new clean technology can be applied across industries to deliver more sustainable products and services. From energy to financial services, businesses in the Greater Zurich Area are leading the way in sustainability.
  4. A highly educated and diverse workforce drives innovation. Paired with high levels of productivity, Greater Zurich is an ideal setting for businesses committed to sustainable growth.

Circular economy & sustainability in the Greater Zurich Area

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