Glarner Kantonalbank

The Glarner Kantonalbank (GLKB) was founded in 1884 and as a universal bank offers a comprehensive range of banking services under one roof. It has been a corporation under special law since 2010, with the canton of Glarus being the majority shareholder enshrined in law. In June 2014, the bank started listing on the Swiss stock exchange.

GLKB's range of services meets all the needs of their private and corporate clients. It focuses particularly on mortgage and savings products, corporate banking, asset management and investment services. The bank is also involved in follow-up projects and advises clients on pension, inheritance and tax issues.

Another area of business that is growing in importance for the GLKB is the online operation of its mortgage and savings products, which has been developed and subsequently extended in recent years. The innovative web-based business model that GLKB has developed is now available to clients throughout German-speaking Switzerland.

The Glarner Kantonalbank is firmly established in the canton of Glarus and works closely with the local population. It gets involved in cultural, sports and social activities and gives financial support to regional projects as part of its service mandate.

The bank has six branches in the canton of Glarus and, with around 219 qualified staff including 15 apprentices, it is one of the canton's major employers.

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The Glarner Kantonalbank is involved with Greater Zurich Area AG because it has complete confidence in the attractiveness of Zurich as a business center, which is a driving force that companies in neighboring regions can also benefit from.
Hanspeter Rhyner - CEO Glarner Kantonalbank

GLKB Mission Statement

Glarner Kantonalbank is the bank for people and businesses in the canton of Glarus. Our clients lie at the heart of everything we do. We build positive relationships by being competent, friendly and involved. We are committed to sustainability and everything we do is geared toward benefiting our stakeholders. We create added value for the canton. Our day-to-day activities are governed by a way of thinking that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We communicate and provide information in an open, transparent and timely manner.

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More private supporters

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