Fintech AAAccell has been fully acquired by the LPA Group in Germany. The spin-off of the University of Zurich develops risk and asset management software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A spin-off of UZH, AAAccell has been fully acquired by the German LPA Group.


The LPA Group announced that it has fully acquired the Greater Zurich based start-up AAAccell. Founded as a spin-off of the University of Zurich in 2014, AAAccell develops risk and asset management software using artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantitative models.

According to the LPA Group, AAAccell has won multiple awards, making it “one of the most remarkable success stories of the Swiss start-up scene” with products and services that are “groundbreaking innovations in risk and asset management”. The start-up already boasts an international customer profile, including in Japan where the LPA is not yet active.

AAAccell CEO and co-founder Sandro Schmid and CTO Boris Wälchli will both remain on board after the acquisition. “We are convinced that Sandro Schmid and Boris Wälchli as well as the whole team at AAAccell will add many an innovation,” said Roland Probst, co-founder of LPA.

“The fact that we are now part of the LPA Group pleases us immensely. We have always been impressed by the pioneering role of LPA in the field of innovative capital market technologies – and to now be in a position to help develop the group further is an honor and obligation at the same time,” said Schmid.

Headquartered in Frankfurt, the LPA Group is an enterprise consisting of technology companies that specialize in the demands and characteristics of the capital market sector, offering specially developed products and services for that market.

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