ACC Infotray from Greater Zurich has developed a software solution for mapping data flows in laboratories. It is now being used by the Berlin-Brandenburg State Laboratory to monitor drinking water quality.

According to AAC Infotray AG, flawless drinking water has to meet the purity requirements of mineral water. In the German states of Berlin and Brandenburg, the Berlin-Brandenburg State Laboratory (LLBB) is responsible for monitoring drinking water quality, and it is now using AAC Infotray software to ensure that the necessary purity requirements are met.

The software is called Limsophy LIMS, which Winterthur-based AAC Infotray describes as “one of the most powerful laboratory information management systems in the German-speaking world and 100% manufactured in Winterthur”. The modular software system allows service, company and R&D laboratories to map and manage their data flows.

AAC Infotray, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019, specialises in the development of tailor-made software solutions.

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