Schaffhausen – Serguei Beloussov is opening a technological university in Schaffhausen with his software company Acronis. The university will focus on fields such as artificial intelligence and software engineering.

The new technological university will concentrate on selected areas of research in a combination only available in Schaffhausen, explained Acronis Head Serguei Beloussov in an interview with “Schaffhauser Nachrichten”. He cited artificial intelligence, cryptography architecture, new materials, quantum technology, software engineering and digital health as examples of these areas of research.

Plans will amp up in January with the opening of a technology and research laboratory in Schaffhausen, in which 15 students will conduct computer research and compile scientific projects. Gradually, the laboratory will recruit more students and lecturers, with the ultimate aim of becoming accredited. In terms of ongoing contract negotiations, Beloussov has not yet named any scientists who will work at the university. He did reveal, however, that from January “a scientist very well known in industry circles” will be involved in expanding research and teaching activities at the university.  

Acronis is a software company with headquarters in Schaffhausen and activities in 18 countries. The company chose Schaffhausen as the location for the new university due to its proximity to Germany, the Greater Zurich Area and Zurich Airport, as well as its “industrial heritage”.    

With the university, Schaffhausen as a location is set to become even more attractive and appealing to new talent. “I am getting good vibes from other companies here,” said Beloussov. Economic promotion in Schaffhausen also foresees a promising impact on education and the economy in the region. “It presents a great opportunity to bring together know-how in the future-oriented digital sector in Schaffhausen,” commented economic development specialist Christoph Schärrer in the article. Acronis has also received local support for the university. “We are being well looked after by the canton and the economic promotion department,” said Beloussov.

The university is initially being funded by Acronis, but other partners are expected to join at a later date. Beloussov was keen to highlight that the project is not “his” university. Instead, he said: “It is a university for Schaffhausen. I am only helping get it off the ground.”

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